About Dr Heystek Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist

Dr Pieter is a specialist anaesthetist and Intensive Care Specialist, stationed at Mediclinic Limpopo and Limpopo Dayclinic. You can expect only the best.
Meet Dr Heystek :
Dr PH Heystek
MBChB (Pret)
Mmed (Anaest)
I started studying medicine at the University of Pretoria in 1983. I am a registered specialist anaesthetist , and intesivist with a private practice in Pretoria, now also in Middelburg, covering the whole spectrum of anaesthesia and working in close association with most of the anaesthetic firms in Pretoria over and above own lists. Scope of practice includes plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery, pediatric surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery, orthopeadic surgery, obstetrics and gyneacology, neurosurgery, dental and maxillo-facial surgery, the practice of conscious sedation and other fields of anaesthetic practice. Member in good standing of South African Society of Anaestheisologists (Acasia Branch).
I have a lot of knowledge and experience, loving and understanding the wonderful science and art of anaesthesia.